Nostalgic Vasanth Mantapa ( popularly known as Kalyana Mantapa) Sira

google pictureVasanth Mantapa ( popularly known as Kalyana Mantapa)

When we were young, in my Home town, Sira, our favorite time pass was to sit on the compound of Kalyana Mantapa which was located at the center of the town.  We used to eat Churumuri and menasina kayee Bajji.


There was a mobile chat shop who used make wonderful Churumuri. It was the best time pass with less expenditure. It was our meeting point in general too. We saw and heard many political party leaders ( Gundu Rao, Ramakrishna Hegde, Shankarnag, Ananthnag, etc) giving speeches in this arena.


Recently I developed my interest in History. Thanks to Mr. Suresh Moona, from whom I picked up the interest in Bangalore, I started looking at our city in a different angle and then cribbing about Bangalore traffic and pollution. As I started knowing Bengaluru history, I learnt about Sira connection too. Bangalore Lalbagh was influenced by Khan Bagh of Sira. Hyder and Tippu wanted their Fort and palace similar to Sira fort and palace !!!


This made me turn back to Sira, my home town. Infact I knew nothing much about the Sira history. Though it was my home town I didn’t give a thought about that. I also grew up like any other child saying that I wanted to become an Engineer………… so I do not want to know about History and the languages.

Now my big question is from whom I can get to know the Sira history so that I can feel proud of my home town.


In that quest, I found a resourceful person Dr. Ramesh who can talk about Sira thru one of my friends. Dr. Ramesh, by profession a dentist, has a great knowledge about Sira’s history and is an RTI activist. I heard about his fight to protect the Sira fort and I consulted him about the books I can read about Sira.

Since my other interest is photography I decided to club this with photography. One Saturday morning I decided to go to Sira and take a plunge into the History.

As soon I got down I wanted to go to the Fort. A few of us were waiting for an auto near Kalyana Mantapa. In the auto we ( me, Ramesh and Raghu) were discussing about Sira. Then the auto fellow shared with us a short history of Kalyana Mantapa. It caught up my interest and I took few images of the pillars survived in the Kalyana Matapa.


It was constructed in the year 1898. It was next to the Narayana swamy temple. ( Will write more on it soon) . It is called Vasantha Mantapa, constructed to perform some rituals of the God.


IMG_0686 IMG_0688

Many of us do not know the value of the ancient sculpture.  It is also not maintained by any one and could also see the pillars white washed covering the stonework on it.


We could even see cows tied to one of the pillars !!!

IMG_0702 IMG_0693 IMG_0694 IMG_0698 IMG_0699Friends, Pls add your comments




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