Bootha Kola (ಬೂತ ಕೋಲಾ )

I was in Coorg as a tourist. The owner of the home stay told me that in next estate there is a Boota Kola. As i knew about this i went there with my camera, by the time we already decided to head back to home. With few minutes in hand i took few images. Its actually a day and night full event

Bootha Kola


This is the very unique form of traditional, ritualistic folk dance performed in coastal parts of Karnataka and Kerala as part of worshiping. I.e Tulu Nadu (Region people speaking tulu language).

In Tulu it is called Bhoota and in Malayalam it is known by Theyyam.


In mythology ‘Bhuta Ganas’ are referred as soldiers of Lord Shiva and their main duty are to protect Dharma, hence they are with divine power.


The person performing bhuta kola will have a special makeup, jewellery and costumes. He will dance to the tunes of music which is very unique.


The basic idea behind the bhoota kola is protecting our environment and worship nature.


Bhuta kola is performed twice in a year during the festivals in Kuntikanamata temple.


One immediately after the annual festival and other during the month of January.


Apart from this all throughout the year the bhandara (all the costumes, jewellery and weapons) is carried in a procession from the temple to the neighbouring places to perform this ritual.









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